Lifestyle and Chronic Disease

We All Need to Know:

For a quick introduction to lifestyle medicine, enjoy the following videos by Dr Michael Greger. Discover how our lifestyle (especially food choices) effects our most common chronic diseases:

How Not to Die From Heart Disease.

How Not to Die From Cancer.

How Not to Die From Diabetes.

How Not to Die From Hypertension.

How Not to Die From Kidney Disease.

You can also click on the links below to learn about how lifestyle affects other health conditions:



Cardiovascular Disease (Heart Health)

Colon Health

Dermatologic (Skin Health)

Diabetes (High Blood Sugar)

High Cholesterol  

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Kidney Disease

Men’s Health

Neurologic (Brain Health)

Overweight and Obesity

Pulmonary Disease (Lung Health, including COVID/Pandemic topics)

Psychological (Mental Health)

Women’s’ Health

Click here for a printable copy of Lifestyle and Chronic Disease

Knowing the risks of a poor lifestyle and the benefits of making healthy choices is an important place to start. But that knowledge is only helpful if it leads to meaningful action. That’s what we consider on the next page, The Healthiest Lifestyle.

Ted Nyquist, MD.


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